Economic Pathways MA Coalition

The Economic Pathways Coalition is...
a community-based advocacy group made up of working families, political leaders, employers, advocates, and community-based organizations. We are dedicated to promoting economic advancement for working families and and removing income cliffs keeping people from advancing their careers.

We worked together to create the Cliff Effect Pilot Program and secure its passage in the 2022 Economic Development Bill. The pilot has the potential to rethink America’s safety net programs as a tool for mobility rather than a poverty trap.

The Cliff Effect Pilot Program was passed by the legislature!

Join the Economic Pathways Coalition and help us implement the Cliff Effect Pilot Program! We are looking for service agencies providing case management and workforce programs in the Springfield region.

The Cliff Effect Pilot Program was passed in Massachusetts bill S.119/H.208: An act concerning public assistance for working families and the creation of a pilot program to address the impacts of the Cliff Effect. Filed by Senator Eric Lesser and Representatives Patricia Duffy and Carlos Gonzalez.

The Economic Pathways Coalition is a partnership between